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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

As you may or may not be aware, Azure Data Factory v2 (ADFv2) has been available in preview for quite some time and is expected to go GA in the near future. This is a very exciting time for data integration professionals as ADFv2 is a massive leap forward from ADFv1. ADFv2 has significant new capabilities that will allow us to develop much more functional and robust data integration capabilities.

Some of the key new features are:

1. Control Flow

2. Parameterized Pipelines

3. Flexible Scheduling

4. Deploy SSIS packages to Azure

If you want more details about comparing v1 to v2, please see this article.

This is all very exciting, but developing ADFv2 artifacts can be quite challenging because the JSON based language used to define everything in ADFv2 is quite loose and there is no built in validation or intelli-sense. For an example of how this is currently performed, see this article. So, how can we do this better? This is where Varigence is coming to the party with their BimlStudio &BimlFlex products. BimlStudio 2018 releases at the end of April 2018 and this now includes support for developing ADFv2 artifacts using Biml. Varigence have also announce that they are already working on integrating this capability into BimlFlex.

For a good understanding on how BimlStudio can help you develop your ADFv2 artifacts, watch this video.

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